Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Coworker Conversations

b: that sounds like a good ass wrap
b: a good-ass wrap
b: not a good ass-wrap


a: wanna play with my hair?
b: if I can do it with my pants unbuttoned
a: nvm


b: do you leave your socks on when you're being intimate with ladies
C: lol what do you think?
b: I'm 60/40 slanted towards no
C: hahahahahahahahahahahaaha

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One Year Later

I remember everything about April 15, 2013. I remember how it started like any other work day, only I was more excited than usual because I was volunteering at the Boston Marathon from 2:30-5:30. I remember eating a quick lunch with coworkers before getting on a supremely packed T at 2:00. I remember all of the people pressed in around me.

The woman and her husband who were trying to make it to the finish line in time to see her brother cross, because thanks to an iPhone app, they knew he was on track to finish right around 3:00pm. The man who was with his young son and who had BAA passes for seats in the bleachers lining the finish line. These people who I still wonder about; if they had gotten to the finish before 2:49, if they were harmed, if they saw terrible things, if they're okay.

Everyone on the T was trying to decide whether getting off at Hynes or Copley would be faster.  I chose Hynes with the intention of walking down Boylston to Copley before turning back to the Marriott for my volunteer shift.  This was my first time seeing the Marathon, and I quickly realized that I greatly underestimated how packed the street was going to be.  There was no way for me to wade through the throngs of people from Dalton St to Dartmouth in a timely fashion, so I simply snapped a picture (time-stamped 2:17) looking towards the finish before making my way towards the Marriott.

Arriving, I was a bit disappointed to hear that instead of being charged with leading runners from the finish line to the DFCI runner area in the Marriott, we would be stationed in the hotel to check runners in as they arrived from the finish themselves.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Strange man on the corner in DC, "you ladies look lovely today."

Me to Cassy, "well, it's creepy because of who he is but not because of what he said. We're lucky, It could've been a 2 out of 2 situation!"


me to friend: I bought this new hat that I'm kind of in love with. The only problem is that in Washington DC it made me feel really cool, and in Boston it makes me feel like a pimp. And I dont mean a pimp as in "a cool person." I mean it as in "a man who sells women's bodies."